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Official Announcement: Beloit, KS Pull is on for May 31st & June 1st!
Official Announcement: Beloit, KS Pull is on for May 31st & June 1st!

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Established in 1981, Nebraska Bush Pullers has evolved into a thriving community boasting a membership of over 100 from across the Mid-west region. Our journey has been marked by continual growth and an unwavering passion for the sport. From the captivating display of multi-engine modified tractors to the exhilarating presence of the unlimited super stock tractors, our events offer a diverse and thrilling experience for enthusiasts of all kinds. Join us in celebrating the sheer spectacle and excitement that defines Nebraska Bush Pullers – where there’s something remarkable for every individual.

What is Tractor Pulling?

The objective of tractor pulling is to ascertain the most robust machine and skilled driver in a distinct motorsport format. Unlike many other motor races, speed is not the determining factor; rather, it hinges on the distance pulled. The designated pulling track spans a minimum width of 30 feet and extends a length of 320 feet. Tractor pulling is a competitive motorsport involving modified farm tractors, adapted tractors, or trucks, towing a metal sled along a predefined route.

This competition involves vehicles pulling a sled equipped with a weighted box that mechanically shifts forward as the sled traverses the course. The escalating load gradually impedes the vehicle’s forward momentum and torque, with only a select few reaching the course’s end—a feat known as a “full pull.” The precise measurement of the distance covered, often in thousandths of an inch, determines the winning tractor, with a pull-off held if multiple competitors achieve a full pull.

While competition-level tractors may resemble standard farm equipment, their similarities end with basic structure and tires. Tractor pulling centers on horsepower and torque, necessitating extensive engine modifications to maximize power output. Diverse classes exist, shaped by rule limitations—modified tractor constraints chiefly revolve around weight. Engine varieties span drag racing automotive types, jet turbines, aircraft, and industrial configurations. Trucks encompass two-wheel drive, four-wheel drive (naturally aspirated, blown, diesel), and semis.

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